by Julia Woodman

Always please first sit comfortably with both feet on the ground,

shut your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply, and relax.



Imagine you are walking through a forest.

Sunlight is sifting through fragrant green leaves.

Birds are singing.

Find a comfortabkle warm spot to rest in.

Watch, listen, and enjoy.



Imagine you are walking along a beach.

Salty smelling waves are rolling rhythmically towards you.

Their sound induces a deep tranquility.

Find a comfortabke warm spot to rest in.

Simply watch, listen, and enjoy.



Imagine you are sitting in a moonlit garden.

Small beautiful night sounds fascinate you.

The moonlight paints everything silvery.

You feel incredibly peaceful.

Simply watch and enjoy.


Imagine you are on top of a mountain.

A warm wind is blowing any clouds away from you.

You feel the wind on your face and in your hair.

Enjoy the details of the view.

You feel uplifted.



Imagine you are walking through a gorgeous garden.

The sun is shining.

The colours and scents are exquisite!

Find a comfortable spot to rest in.

Enjoy it.



Imagine you are entering a field.

The grass is long and luscious, but dry.

There is a friend waiting there for you.

(Your inner child, or your higher self, or an animal.)

Play together there in the sunshine.

You are filled with delight and a sense of freedom.



Imagine you are walking beside a splashing stream.

You can see fish and dragonflies and birds.

The sounds wash away any tensions from your body.

Keep walking or stop for a rest, it's up to you.

Watch. listen, and enjoy.



Imagine you are lying on top of a white cloud.

It is fluffy and warm and amazingly comfortable.

It is also incredibly quiet.

You forget all the troubles of the world.

You feel a deep sense of serenity.

* as free as a butterfly....


Boat / Lake

Imagine you are drifting on a lake in a rowing boat.

You are comfortable and relaxed.

The gentle lapping sound of the water on the bottom of the boat

is like a lullaby to your ears.

Simply listen and enjoy.



Imagine you are flying through a blue sky.

The air is fresh after a rainstorm and birds are singing.

You approach a rainbow and sit on the very top of its arch.

Use all of your senses to enjoy the colours.



Imagine you are looking out upon crisp fresh snow.

Everything seems new and clean.

You realize that each new day does bring a fresh new chance.

We can do anything we really want to with our lives.

You smile with relief and gladness.



Imagine you are up early watching the sun rise.

The air is crisp and clear and you feel deeply refreshed.

You are sitting on a garden bench.

You have a blanket snuggled around you so you are not cold.

The colours are exquisite.

You feel very special and privileged.



Imagine you are gazing into the flame of a candle.

It seems as if the heart or soul of a friend is caressing you.

You may remember some special glad times.

You feel warm and safe, with love surrounding you.



Imagine you are in a magic painting.

You are fit and gorgeous and bronzed, with flowing hair!

You are surrounded by beautiful flowers.

You feel incredible joy, love, and contentment.



Imagine you are standing close to a waterfall.

You can feel the spray on your hands and face.

It is fresh and rejuvenating.

You feel so grateful and glad to be alive.



Imagine you are sitting with close friends.

Choose your own setting (Park/Lounge/Restaurant).

Feel their love and laughter surrounding you.

You feel warm and safe.



Imagine you are amongst magnificent orange sand dunes.

The sense of space and peace is incredible.

Find a comfortable hollow to rest in.

Simply watch, listen, and enjoy.



Imagine you are out in space.

You do not need anything - you simply float.

You are surrounded by beautiful stars and planets.

You feel incredible awe and love.


by Julia Woodman


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