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Agencies might like to use this concept, however, parents may also like to use some of these ideas at home.

Ideally this would be done as a week away, in a country house setting, enabling an amazingly meaningful transition into adulthood through a powerful blend of ancient and modern wisdom, including diverse creative exploration and personal development concepts.

To include sections on: identity & belonging, communication, exercise, healthy diets, finance, responsibilities, relationships, environment, feelings, and purpose or aims in life.

Working with young people - taking them away in the early stages of teenage-hood, to do an "Initiation into Adulthood" week, which would include a wide range of activities such as communication, creative, and personal development workshops and therapeutic/meditation sessions, also including some shamanic vision questing type work to examine deeper levels of consciousness and self.

The outcome being that they will have opened up, explored who they want to be, and identified things to take responsibility for and how to do this, as well as having affirmed that their transition into adulthood is something to celebrate.

There is nothing in the UK to mark and explore this important transition, so our young people are left with uncertainty about themselves, their identity, the world around them, and how to find ways of dealing with it.

It is a very personal journey, and young people will be left with a sense of meaningfulness instead of feeling disassociated and disaffected.

It is a great strategy for prevention of teenage anti-social behaviour.

Young People would also be given tools & techniques to help them on their journey and remind themselves from time to time of who they are and what they want to achieve. The focus is always on empowering each individual.

Specializing in Workshops and Coaching with Young People: (we can adapt the week long workshop into shorter sections)
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Julia Woodman who created the vision and plan for these workshops, has studied the work of Robert Bly who works similarly in the USA, but with adults, particularly in understanding deeper levels of self.

She is also a trained counselor (families and children), life coach, healer, artist and creative writing tutor, with 17 poetry collections. She has appeared on radio, TV, & in festivals and schools, in the UK & USA.
She has also run a Youth Forum, and still works as a Service User Involvement Officer for 16-21 yr olds, and is thus CRB checked.

I am happy for others to run the workshops using my guidelines, but would ask that they let me know what they are doing, and give me some feedback as well.

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07955-210252 / 07707 200 494 / 01306-500425


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