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julia@radiance-solutions.co.uk TOOLS TO EMPOWER YOU IN YOUR PERSONAL JOURNEY
such as Articles, Guides, Workshops, Talks, Meditation, Videos, and Inspiring stuff

Top Tips - the 4 C's (PDF)
(including with Children),
Creativity, and Confidence
(including being Comfortable with yourself
and others & Calm in the world, plus
making Choices Consciously).
An extended scipt of my video.

section of our website

Radiance Solutions is here to empower you with tools, info, advice & support

Please see the list of links to original ARTICLES below.

The CREATIVITY section
includes information about Creative Writng, BOOKS, ART, POETRY
and other Creativity, including a fun ImagineOgrams section,
and The Love Pages.

Radiance-Solutions in Dorking in Surrey is run by Writer and Therapist Julia Woodman
offering a collection of skills which complement and enhance each other.
There's a range of therapies, inspirational material, and tools available to support & empower you
including Life Coaching, Stress Busting, Counselling, Healing, and Thai Foot Massage.
Julia does home visits as well as consultations by phone, email, and post.

Julia is available for freelance writing assignments on most topics,
and for workshops in schools & businesses, as well as generally for the public.
She can also give talks on anything related to her work.


"To thine own self be true, and
it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to
any man." - Shakespeare


"my life is my message" - Ghandiji
- the same is true for all of us!

Original ARTICLES by Julia Woodman

Be the BEST YOU for the New Year
my tough love life-coaching type article originally written for Greatvine,com
John Lennon - in the Collective Consciousness - Being Real
Don't allow Depression to subdue your Personal Power (pdf)
Depression, Addiction, and even Weight Issues
can be linked to Mineral Imbalance
A Holistic approach to Wellbeing - an award winner
Choices from Childhood through Maturity to Old Age

Absolution from Absolutes & the Cycle of Change

1 step, 2 step, 3 ….Life Coaching to help you Achieve (pdf)

Life Coaching Pack- How to Plan Achievable Goals to Maximise Success
includes section to help decide if you're not sure, and all the Forms needed.
To Tame Or Not To Tame the Wild Thing or Trust for Freedom
Does familiarity really breed contempt or do we just get lazy with our
or Help Relationships with Good Communication
Communication with Teenagers 1 (relevant bit re children too)
Effective Coping Strategies that also help you move Forward with Life
inc help for mums struggling to keep children stimulated, or wanting to return to work
Helping our Young People to Think for Themselves, and More
Hydration, Detoxification, and Cell Function - an award winner
A Holistic Approach to Loving our Bodies and our Lives
originally written for Greatvine,com
Lighter than this, Freer than this - into the Zone
Respect your Body & Choose Sound Relationships
(visit our
GUIDES PAGE to get this from us via email)
Access to our Spiritual Sex Guide
(visit our GUIDES PAGE to get this from us via email)
How to get the BEST out of Internet Dating Safely
Philosophy of Radiance-Solutions - Essence of ONE - (PDF)
Spiritual Coaching TOP TIPS (video with full script) an award winner
Philosophy & Sensuality
Breathing to Balance Earth Grounding and Universal Source
How we can feel peaceful and empowered enough to deal with anything
or How to Feel Great -
The One arises through the Many, and the Many arise through the One
Personal Affirmative Life Envisionment (PDF)
Confirming Your Joy Guide and Workshop
(visit our
GUIDES PAGE to get this from us via email)
Find out how to access our full STRESS BUSTING guide
How to use Meditation to send out Peace, Love, Healing, etc
Find out how to access our full MEDITATION guide
Poetry, Music, and Meditations MY VIDEOS Life Coaching & Health
Transitions into Adulthood
Outline Guidelines for the use of Agencies and Parents - Details on our guides page.
COAST - Stimulating Workshop for ages 8-14
(visit our
GUIDES PAGE to get this from us via email)
Creative Writing - Poetry and Prose
Including: Surrealism, the Duende, Psychological Landscapes, Prose Poetry and other Prose writing, Haiku, How to avoid being didactic, and Holistic Wellbeing for Writers.
Born Creators (PDF)
We should not need to worry about ‘writers block’
Pretending to Smile, Sleep, or Write
carves a path for it to become a reality (pdf)
CREATIVE SPIRIT - Create a Dance or Song or Picture or Poem
(visit our GUIDES PAGE to get this from us via email)
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Heavenly Light and our ability to perceive it

Anarchy Sax on SoundCloud
Resilience & Vulnerability - a Rap / or hear me do this on SoundCloud
My song SHINE on SoundCloud
My song Go Spread the Light (written Angel Day 2001) on SoundCloud
Views of Reality Snooze Papers Current Choices
The World's my Baby (but let's get local)
Do We Fear Change? Where are We Going? The Way That I See It
How to Take Time for Yourself
Heart Centred Communication
Evolution of Communication
Personal Change Management
Intention Intro - Consciousness vs Awareness vs Understanding
Intention II - Positive Mind and Body Talk
Be Yourself
Authenticity, Identity, True Power
Power of Logic & Affirmations (for anger management) video
No matter what the age – praising good behaviour is always better
Discussion Times for Couples or Others
How to stay protected during energy work
or any time we are giving of ourselves to others
Heavenly Breakfast Video
Practicing tenderness & massage
2 Guides - Sacred Perspectives & A little book of MASTERY
Beings of Light Channelled Guide available by email
our sister site - SOULutions.org.uk - our sister site
Agent for Transformation Slideshow
On NOT being a Guru
Between one illusion and another (poem on my blog - philosophical
breakthrough following painful events / New direction).
Sacred Perspectives Meditation
Cherishing Heart Says Pep Talk
Beware Phenylephrine - now added to cold remedies
Waterfall Meditation
Dear Vibrant Universe
Optimum Eating / Nutrition - Pinterest Board
A new world after depression
MEDITATIONS on our new Create Health BLOG
Relaxing your Membranes (Meme Brains) / Releasing your Story / Being / Age

If you wish to phone or email for advice, then please check my ADVICE PANEL which
shows my advice line number, email contact, and up-to-the-minute availability
If you prefer to use my direct numbers or emails then please pay via PAYPAL or cheque.


P O E M S , S O N G S , A R T


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Your Invitation to Speak with The Beings of Light
and read the guidance they have already given.

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Positive stuff about how to improve
Life & claim back our GARDEN.
We aim to plant thought seeds via
international meditation link ups,
provide useful information, and
enable people to participate.


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