The Love Pages
The Love pages are written, designed, & illustrated
by Julia Woodman

Notice small things

Smile while you can

Love while you can

Sing while you can

Play, play, play
Kiss while you can

Hug while you can

Laugh while you can

Dance while you can

Love, love, love

Love & Life

Here you will find all sorts of ideas, information, inspiration, and tools
to help support you in Love and Life.

We hope that the range of material available here will prove to be a good source to you.
We will keep adding to it organically over time according to what inspires us,
and what seems to be needed, so do let us know if you think anything is missing, and we will try to cover it.
We are for Total Holistic Wellbeing, including Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit.
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LOVE & Questions for this day and age. May the force be with you!
All quotes & art, & most photos by Julia (Jay) Woodman (also known as Joules)

We have the greatest power through love that can be known.
It overcomes everything with its fierce and steady truth, if you can continue to stand in it.

You can call love to you, directly from the original stream of consciousness,
anytime you feel weak or fearful, and you will be given strength and courage.

You can call love to you, directly from the original stream of consciousness,
anytime you feel sad or alone, and you will feel embraced and comforted.

Call love to you if you feel vulnerable. Feel its purity come to you from the universe
and flow round you like a miraculous mother cradling its innocent child.

Breathe love in. Say to yourself as you breathe deeply “I love. I am loved.”
Say it over and over as you breathe it into yourself and out to the universe,
until you really feel and believe that you ARE LOVE.

Feel love pour into your lungs as you breathe. Feel it circulate round your body
to fill every organ, every limb, and every cell. Vibrate with its radiance, and share it.

Consciousness is everywhere.
Let it fill you up.

We can be free.
Free your mind

Live like you've got
nothing to lose

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Love the world and love life.
There are always exquisite things and times
to remind us of the original source of all beauty and love.

Love yourself enough to take care of your health of mind, body, and soul
as a top priority, then you'll be fit to face anything.

Love yourself enough to take responsible choices about nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation,
spiritual nurturing, relationships, and communication.

Be grateful for the many choices that we have, and do not waste them thoughtlessly,
for there are many who have very few.

Be grateful for the abundance that we have, and do not waste it thoughtlessly,
for there are many who have very little.

Everything in balance, everything in moderation – try not to go over the top in any direction
but be free to explore & enjoy. Live heart-fully.

I’m a writer & philosopher, of course I have the right to invent words!
I try not to do it carelessly, I only write what sounds and feels right.

Spirituality should be personal. Yes you learn from others, but ultimately you should be free to enjoy your friendship with life and the universe the way you see fit.

Find what is meaningful to you and stand by it, even if you begin to wonder if there is
any meaning in anything, continue to be yourself.

“Find your truth and make your existence real as you choose it. Your creation is your own greatest gift.”
The Beings of Light via Joules

I believe in the power of love, and planting positive thought seeds into the collective consciousness.

I believe in living healthily & sustainably, and looking to nature for renewal and inspiration.

I like to share info & links to help access knowledge & possible solutions to situations.

I believe in always being open to learning more through exploration of everything available
& following one’s sense of curiosity, creativity, and playfulness.

Recognising our own mistakes helps us to empathise non-judgementally
with others and helps enable us to understand their issues.

You have to accept all sides of yourself – there’s no point fighting them – just learn how to handle them,
and return to the positive, balanced being you know you can be, once the winds have blown through.

Share what you like and don’t pretend to like things you don’t. There are many ways to be honest but polite.

Love yourself enough to give what matters every chance of working
by communicating as well as you possibly can, and trying for as long as u wish.

Grant me the wisdom to know when to keep trying and when to stop wasting time, the patience to keep going
with the 1st, and the courage & serenity to let go of the 2nd.

Let's forgive someone for Valentines day, it's a great way to show love,
and forgive yourself too for the hurt you held onto.

Try to forgive by trying to understand how it would feel to be in the other’s shoes. If someone hurts you – ask them -
“What hurts you so much that you would do this?” Listen to the answer and try to understand what is valid for them.
They may have been fighting for your attention, but no one thinks of themselves as attackers, only defenders!
So don’t judge their ways, only set them free by giving them a chance to speak. You may both learn a lot
from your kindness and courage in asking for the truth. But even if nothing changes, release it,
remember that you both have a right to be who you choose to be.

When we make judgements we're inevitably acting on limited knowledge, isn't it best to ask if we seek to understand,
or simply let them be?

Sometimes it's better to show our vulnerability / pain / regrets so others don't think us impervious / unapproachable -
be real / open.

We are all vulnerable but do not fear this, just revel in the chance to experience that & know & grow beyond.

Love yourself enough to ask for respect in all relationships, whether they be personal, business, or public.
Fairness, honesty, and respect are crucial.

People have different ideas of what is appropriate, we have to communicate what we think is important
if we are to negotiate any arrangement.

The word God can mean whatever you believe it to mean, for me it is the conscious stream of life
from which we all come, and to which we can stay connected throughout our lives as a source of peace, wisdom,
love, support, knowing, inspiration, vitality, security, balance, and inner strength.

Awareness is paramount, because in awareness we gain understanding, which then enables us to regain our feeling
of empowerment. We need to feel empowered to make our choices consciously, about how to deal with changes
in life, rather than reacting in fear (which tends to make us blind and weak). If we are aware, we can be realistic
yet positive, and we can properly focus our intentions.

Awareness can be quite sensual (which can add to your sense of feeling empowered).
Think about how your body moves as you live your life, how amazing it is; think about nature, observe
the intricate beautiful details of natural things, and of things we create, and breathe deeply to soak it all in.
Focus on the taste of food, the feel of textures in cloth, the feel of you partner's hand in yours; smell the sea breeze,
listen to the wind in the trees, witness the colours of the leaves, the children playing; and be thankful for this life
we are experiencing - this life we can all help to keep wonderful. Feel the wonder of being alive flood into you
anytime you want, by taking a deep breath and letting the experience of these things fill you, even just by remembering.

We all have that same stream of life within us, so you are a part of everything. Each one of us has the power
to make a difference to everything.

Breathe in that vital connection to the life source and sensual beauty everywhere. Feel loved and strong.

Colour outside the lines, live outside the box. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do, or not.
Don’t be afraid, listen to your heart.
Heaven is a state of being – of one-ness, and Hell is a state of being – lost.
We simply need to live as we best define ourselves, find our own ways of being who we are in our world.
There is no requirement - only freedom of choice.
We should not be judged if we are doing what we think best according to our perceptions at any given time.
Guilt should be discarded, moved beyond - what matters is who we choose to be in the next moment,
given what we might have learned. We continually create ourselves anew.
Forgiving someone is a great way to show love, and forgive yourself too for the hurt you held onto far too long.
Take back the energy you have wasted on these things and reclaim your power to be your next best self.
Honour the past but refresh, expand, renew, fulfil. Heaven is within us, always reachable.

Julia is a Writer, Life Coach, Stress Consultant, Counsellor, and Healer.
She specializes in Total Wellbeing Consultations via phone & email -
and in writing inspirational & support materials - See our TOOLKIT & CREATIVITY Pages
"We are for Total Holistic Wellbeing, including Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit."

Julia has several
BOOKS forthcoming, about living in a more CONSCIOUS and objective way,
using our awareness and intention to evolve beyond the constructs of apparent reality,

thus becoming able to plan one's own life as you would choose.
There are more BOOKS coming, and there is an opportunity to join in with one called "Back to The Garden".

In every atom there is
a reflection of the whole.

The great universe takes care
of every detail.

Take delight in daily messages
of beauty

Hearts In Me

If I look to the world with hearts in my eyes
Then surely I’ll be intrigued and inspired.

If I touch the world with hearts in my hands
Then surely I’ll learn how to understand.

If I listen to the world with hearts in my ears
Then surely I’ll truly be able to hear.

If I speak with the world with hearts in my mouth
Then surely I’ll be kind and gentle enough.

If I think of the world with hearts in my mind
Then surely I’ll be awake to all life.

If I reach for the world with hearts in my palms
Then surely its love will flow through my arms.

by Julia Woodman

The Love Pages


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The Love pages are written, designed, & illustrated
by Julia Woodman