Abraham Maslow (often quoted in Social Services Training due to his pyramid diagram showing the hierarchy of need, with the basic needs such as food and shelter occupying the base level, a lot inbetween, and spiritual need at the top), said “without the transcendental and the transpersonal, we get sick, violent, nihilistic, or else hopeless and apathetic”. We also need the spiritual to be fully balanced as people.

Spiritual therapy relieves the sense of alienation and estrangement from the universe and everything around us. It creates a sense of connection and alignment with the sacred, fostering a transpersonal and trans-egoic sense of identity. It also helps repair and harmonize relationships and stabilize social structures or networks.

It also brings deeply meaningful experiences of the creative and of life into society.  (the amount or type of neurotransmitter enzymes can apparently be thrown out of balance by stress – and be brought back into balance by meditation for example.

Dis-ease can be greatly reduced via healing of the subjective emotional states, mental and physical situations, and permanent changes in health of the mind/body/spirit brought into effect.

Invite the Sacred to melt your stress, inspiring you to rise above the subjective, and empowering you to focus clearly on achieving what you intend.

Re-connect with the universe, your creativity and sense of divine expression, and enjoy the world and people around you more.

Find more peace, love, & balance at the physical, mental, and emotional levels.

Discuss choices, share tools, journey with confidence to discover your innate uniqueness alongside a sense of deep belonging.

Creativity springs from the yearning to be the fullness of who you are.”
And “Awareness doesn’t reside in the brain, it resides everywhere.” - Ram Dass

"The intuitive mind is a Sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant." - Einstein

" …… Matter, mind, and time are all relative. Consciousness is not." - Andrew Cohen


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Meditation, Personal Development Guides, Workshops,
Poetry in Schools, Writing (articles, books etc), Art.

An holistic approach to life = Don't just DO it, LIVE it.


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