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by Julia Woodman

Essence is the light of the spirit, and therefore all spirits.

We believe that the essence of life is that everything is part of one system.
Every person, plant, animal, and even the earth itself is interconnected
and anything that affects one part also affects the whole.

All parts therefore need to be in balance, each individual & each relationship.
Our aim is to assist each one, each partnership, each family, and each group,
find that harmony of mind, body & spirit which results in pure bliss!

Healing, Counselling, Coaching, Workshops etc all aid and enhance this process.
Sound health and radiant relationships can be achieved
with the understanding of one's self and others
as well as the principles of truth, trust, love, grace, energy flows & interactions.

We hope that you will let us help you to plant the seeds
and respectfully guide you through your exciting personal journey
with our continued support.

You will grow steadily in confidence and feel more empowered and in control of your life.
Breathing from a new found source of peace and absolute inner knowing
one can attain an incredible purity of being.

The planet and all upon it need us to do this
in order for the whole system to continue to exist and evolve.

An increased state of consciousness allows us to find the Essence of Who we Are
and experience a much greater and more heavenly reality.
In the stillness - there are no boundaries - we can access and channel unlimited information.

By our own example we teach and simultaneously increase
the energy, light, love & peace available to the planet.

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream;
not only plan, but also believe"
Anatole France, 1844 -1924, French Writer

by Julia Woodman

Article on Philosophy & Sensuality



We need to be the change we wish to see in the world - as above so below and vice-versa - try to be calmly aware in these difficult times - and awake to clarify your personal intentions and make your choices accordingly.....
We are each aspects of the oneness experiencing life on earth, and our individual choices matter now as to whether we choose to go with our hearts or whether we choose to follow strangers who may try to lead us with false promises of deliverance from chaos. Self appointed powers may try to take advantage of the spiritual call to unity to claim that they have the answers, but if they ask you to give up your freedom please don't be persuaded to go down that road any further.
We have been blinded by the glut of consumerism, big buisness, games, misinformation, and by fear - so much that we have not really noticed, or wanted to notice, what has been going on for so long, and not really asked too many questions.
Please don't follow blindly.... think for yourselves and listen to your hearts.
Be steady, try to act through love instead of out of fear.... we should all be alright if we can stick together on this.
Humanity can be united to work together if it is done in a truly loving way, but if it is done any other way then there are bound to be unfair controls, subversions, and advantages.
If unity is achieved lovingly then we will not lose our individuality or personal freedoms, but will be aspects of a more highly evolved humanity acting through choice and positive intention for the good of all.

Article on CHOICES from childhood through maturity and to old age


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