MEDITATION - with Julia Woodman

Julia believes that meditation is an absolutely essential tool to use for relaxation
and stress relief, as well as for any personal development, self healing,
exploration of consciousness and the layers of self, etc.

There are many different ways of meditating.
Practising meditation helps develop awareness and mindfulness, and becomes
deeply meaningful both in a personal and in a universal context.
However, there is no nececessity whatsoever to believe any particular thing
in order to practice & benefit from it.
You simply allow your mind to act as a tool for you.

Julia believes that Meditation is not a retreat from life but a tool to help integrate with it.
"Enlightenment is not about cocooning one's self
but about integrating more fully with both your self and life."

Meditation really enhances your sense of personal wellbeing.

by Julia Woodman

Julia is able to teach meditation groups
If anyone is interested and might be able to offer a venue, or arrange a group of people,
even just in your home, we would be very glad to hear from you.
The charge would be around 5 per person (per hour) with a minimum of 6 people / 30.
(If you would like me to come quite a distance though I would need some extra for travel costs).

This can also be helpful for NHS or other recovery/support groups
(60 for one and a half hours, plus travel).

Please call/email to discuss/arrange either of the above,

and there is a donate button on our advice page to allow an online payment if you wish

Meditation is also great for helping you to concentrate for studies etc - schoolchildren are
more alert in class after a meditation session - and it also helps people to overcome issues
such as addiction, depression, or being caught up in emotions from the past.

Basically it is a practice which helps entrain your mind to function better.
Good meditation also stimulates your brain with endorphines,
bringing more joy and postivity into your life in general.

by Julia Woodman

See below the photo for a section on writing your own meditations.

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More about Julia
based in Dorking, Surrey

07955-210252 / 01306-500425 / 07707-200494

Julia can also help you to write your own meditations for various purposes, such as:

(A) receiving meaningful messages or information from a wise 'person'
who is really part of your own consciousness that you do not normally access.
(Messages might be for example to make you aware of some interest or ability
you did not realise you had or of some other 'hidden' knowledge,
or might offer some insight into an issue you might be dealing with, or a question in your mind..)

(B) to help you change your thinking or behaviour patterns, for example to clear out negative
deep seated ideas you might have grown up with and replace them with more healthy ideas.
Old ideas often get in the way of moving forward successfully with one's life, so 'reprogramming' your
thinking can be hugely helpful, as well as giving you the general benefits of meditation practice itself.
(Negative deep seated ideas such as that women do not have the same rights as men to go to university
and pursue a career for example, might be replaced with much more positive ideas so that you stop
subconsciously sabotaging yourself for example from getting a good job, or embarking on a course of study.)

We are each in different places, and everyone has a right to do what is truly best for themselves according to
their understanding of what that might be at any given moment in time. They also have a right to change
their rminds at any time if their understanding changes. Sometimes only experiencing something first hand
gives us enough understanding to properly decide whether it works for us or not.

Other people in our lives also need to understand this and allow us the space to do whatever we need to do,
to discover, to try things out, and to make our own choices. Ask for the space you need.
No one should expect their partner or friend to fit into some role they envisage for them.
Relationships tend to last better if we trust each other to grow in our own ways, and have the patience
to not interfere with each other's personal journeys. Ask for patience and understanding.
Best friends are those who know us deeply enough to remind, and encourage us to be who we really are.
Good managers are those who draw the best out of us through encouragement rather than threat or demand.

Julia has also written meditations for couples who want to renew or reaffirm the joy in their partnership
by consciously entering into a journey of discovery together.

"Wherever you are is the entry point." - Kabir

Find out how to access our full MEDITATION guide.

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