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Mantra for 2012 – Year of Grace
To be repeated like an affirmation, as the sounds
of our own language do affect our bodies.

I align myself consciously and positively
with the peaceable evolution of the human race
My DNA accepts universal signals
emanating towards this transition lovingly.

It emits love, and these same signals in return,
including to all plants, and animals, and to our earth;
also including forgiveness to enable others
to drop their pasts and move on.

It is a time for us to overcome
our differences and issues
in magical ways
and step into a new paradigm.

It is a time for us to sing out
in joy and freedom
as we break through the invisible shell
that has bound us to a lower reality for so long.

We are beings of light, balance, and maturity
living in a year of grace.
It is a time for us to accept our full potential
with responsibility and dignity.

There are inevitably some who will try to stop us – from doing this –
and from networking information in truth - the powers that be –
interlinked across the globe – who have manipulated us for so long –
deliberately causing history to be as it is – for the sake of money
and control of resources – those who still have their own agenda –
who see themselves as separate above us – but there are too many of us
to stop – and this is a personal journey that they cannot control.

All we have to do is refuse to succumb to their fear-mongering
and act with love for the benefit of us all.  We have the power
within us to do this – be resolute in this – add your voice, your heart,
your intention – make a difference – make this a year of grace.




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07707-200494 / 01306-500425

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