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Who are you & what are your dreams? - What is your dream of yourself? - Who are you & what are your dreams? - What is your dream of yourself?

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julia@radiance-solutions.co.uk Life Coaching in Dorking, Surrey, and Online Anywhere,
with Julia Woodman

Need some help with climbing
your mountain?

"my life is my message" Ghandiji
the same is true for all of us!

"To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." Shakespeare

I am a trained Life Coach, and can help in most areas of life,
with making choices, plus planning & achieving your goals
in a very practical step-by-step way.

Please see lower down for more details of what we can help with, and how,
including details of each stage - resources & support,
time frames, motivation & rewards.

I do home visits, as well as email, postal & phone consultations.
I will focus you forwards very positively.

I have been involved in Life Coaching
Counselling for many years
and am now based in Dorking in Surrey.

"People come to her not just for help with making progress
in a chosen area, but also for help with discovering
what it is they really want to do."

Sometimes as an initial step, I have helped people decide exactly
what they want to do.  I have developed a unique way of helping
with this which uncovers your true desires. This ensures that you
don’t waste time and effort going in the wrong direction.

If there are any issues that might be getting in your way, then I can
help with that too.  Sometimes we subconsciously block our own
progress, particularly if we are not sure what we want, or if we don’t
have enough confidence in ourselves.  I help boost self-esteem.


Together we can decide exactly what it is you want to achieve,
then work out a realistic plan to enable you to reach those goals.
I listen carefully, helping to ensure that you are clear about what you want to achieve,
and why.  If you are really clear about your reasons for choosing these goals, it can help
to write them down so that you can remind yourself now and again.
The next stage is to plan your success!

WHAT - Together, we will draw up a chart showing your aims
(often in a series of easily achievable smaller stages).

HOW - Defining the steps you will take towards attaining your goals,
plus what resources & support you can use to help with each stage.

WHEN - Setting realistic time frames for you to work within.

WHY - Define what will motivate you, and plan rewards for achievement along the way.

I aim to work in partnership with you to identify your aims and
achieve your objectives as efficiently, yet as thoroughly, as possible.

I do not believe in failure, only in making choices according to how you feel
at the time, then learning from those what you want to do next.
Lapses are actually quite a normal part of the cycle though, so I will simply be there
to encourage you to get back onto your plan when you are ready.

Inca Trail, Peru - top of dead woman's pass
4200m - and still just living!

(2 more passes to go that day though.)

Personalised 1:1 Sessions for 45 each (abt 1 hr).
[Packages available: 10 sessions for 400 / 6 for 250 / 4 for 175.
The 6 session option is usually most appropriate, but you could
share the 10 session one between 2 people, for example couples.]

See pages for School, Inter-agency, and Business info & prices

How to book & pay for Consultations by email, post, or phone.
15 ($30) per session by post or email (abt half hr).
20 or $40 per half hour by phone, but the cost of calls is also yours.

Life Coaching in Dorking, Surrey, and Online Anywhere,
with Julia Woodman

Some of the areas I can help with are:

Health & Wellbeing / Work vs Home Balance / Stress / Self Esteem / Confidence /
Communication / Relationships / Sexual Issues / Identity and Belonging /
Behavioural Issues / Anger Management / Transitions into Adulthood /
Emotional Issues / Spirituality / Personal Development / Personality Traits / Changing
Habits or Patterns / Positive Thinking / Overcoming fears, doubts, guilt or worry /
Overcoming feelings of failure / Overcoming blocks / Choosing Subjects / Following
a Study Routine / Planning for Exams / Enhancing Skills and Talents / Learning to
fully value what you already have and can do (good parent, career, partner, helpful &
responsible teenager, etc) / Gratitude, Respect, Forgiveness / Softening Ego
/ Helping Someone Else / Techniques for Coping with Change / Getting Fit
/ Losing Weight / Managing Finances / Paying Off Credit Cards / Balancing Income
& Expenditure / Choosing Hobbies / Public Speaking etc

Life Coaching Pack- How to Plan Achievable Goals to Maximise Success
includes section to Help Decide if you're not sure, and all the Forms needed

I also have many Personal & Spiritual Development TIPS and TOOLS
available to anyone wanting extra help and support.  They will
offer you INSPIRATION, and add to your sense of security, balance,
and WELLBEING.  They will boost your awareness and help you
focus your intentions towards achieving personal fulfilment.

Identify Needs & Aims / Pulling Together / Consolidating / Making the Best
of what you already Have / Planning / Looking at new ways of changing
things (inc lateral thinking, thinking outside the box) etc.

Julia sometimes works alongside her partner Chris when it involves
Coping with Change in relation to issues such as Career, Economics &
the Environment, as he has substantial business experience, plus specialist
knowledge of such issues (and of History). Best done in a joint visit, or via email.

Chris Larn - M.Phil, Computer Speech and Language Processing 1985-1986 Univeristy
of Cambridge / General Manager BT plc 1991-2008 (17 years)
Julia studied Econimics etc early in her life, and worked for a while in Costing.
She also used to publish a small press envionmental magazine.

Radiant Relationships

My Counselling can help with relationships of any nature.
We also have several GUIDES aimed to help with relationships, such as:
"Spiritual Sex", and "Confirming Your Joy"
and we can run workshops covering these, and many other areas

section of our website

GUIDES (via email or post)

Our GUIDES aim to help wth personal & spiritual development
Apart from the above, there is a "Meditation" Guide,
and several others such as: "Stress Busting", and "Beings of Light".
if you buy 3 together.





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Life Coaching in Dorking, Surrey, and Online Anywhere, with Julia Woodman