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Jay - or Julia, healer, diviner, poet, and artist shares some of her life experiences with Mind Body Spirit and reveals
how she became a healer.

* Jay, can you explain exactly what 'healing' is/means to you?

Phew, that’s a big one to start with, I’ll try to answer it reasonably succinctly!
Healing is a natural technique for providing relief from stress, enhancing the body's own healing powers, and promoting
wholeness and balance. It should be used strictly as a complimentary therapy, not as a substitute or alternative.
I am not religious, but I do think of a SOURCE, or Universal Light (life) Force, or Consciousness.
I believe we are all linked to that source, and if we learn to be still and listen, to trust the guidance available, trust our
inner voice or intuition, we can journey towards becoming our true or higher selves, naturally being drawn to heal as
part of that process.
A simple description of how we heal is that we channel universal energy through ourselves, into and through the patient.
We work with the subtle bodies as well as with the physical body. We can sense problem areas (blockages of the energy
flow) and clear them. We learn a lot of medical and other detailed information surrounding the healing process. We also
learn about protection of ourselves and of our clients, and aim to work only with the highest good, compassionate intent
and unconditional love.

* When and how did you first decide to become a healer?

My becoming a healer really began with your book club! I ordered Jack Angelo's "Your Healing Power" from you -
it was one of the first of the many books I ordered - and I read it thoroughly, made notes etc. and taught myself.
The address of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers was in the back of the book too, so that is how I first got in
touch with them. Jack’s book is actually required reading for their courses, so I was one step ahead there.
Anyway, it is relatively recent with me, although I did always have a sense of there being something like this out there -
it was just so great to actually find it, and all the super people involved too. My local NFSH group of healers is a
particularly wonderful bunch. We do training courses through the NFSH, who are rightly very clear and careful about the
methods we use. (Membership also gives us insurance cover, although they say you cannot actually harm by healing.)
It is quite a commitment in terms of time and money to train properly. First there is a gradual process of releasing one's
own past blocks so that one can be as pure a channel as possible. Release of pains & fears, forgiveness (of one's self
and of others), trust, unconditional love, being open to receive, and gratefulness, are all key words here. Affirmations,
Visualizations, and of course Meditations are indispensable tools along the way. Meditation is amazing – I am currently
in the process of reviewing another of your books – "Wisdom Roads", which is dialogues with meditation masters.
Anytime we genuinely ask for help it is there for us. We are ONE with the Light Source, particularly during the meditative
state, and can access unlimited guidance and information. It is not a path that will ever get to any particular place, one will
continue to learn every day. We continually polish the instrument - that is ourselves.

* Could you tell us when you first sensed an inner feeling or instinct which ultimately lead you to become a healer?

As a child, Jules, I always knew there was something more, something that would fit, something that would be right for me.
I always had trouble with the so called laws of physics, the rules of different groups or religions, racial prejudices,
anything like that. Is it fear do you think that makes people and groups of people build fences around themselves?
(We can learn to let go of fear and give and accept love, and forgive ourselves for not seeing this sooner, just as we can
forgive others.)
The way we treated our earth and each other appalled me. I knew deep down that everything was all part of a whole,
we were all one, and that we should be loving and respectful to all. I was writing poetry from a very early age, searching.
Neither science nor religion offered complete answers, they were always too limited, there had to be something beyond.
The answers I have been looking for are all there now, I have found them through healing, meditation, and studying
broadly around these subjects. It just took me a pretty long time to find it… it feels like coming home, at last.

* You grew up in the Drakensberg mountains in Natal, South-Africa, living close to the land and animals. How strongly
and in which ways do you feel your early upbringing and life experiences influenced your becoming a healer?

Very strongly. There were bushman paintings on our farm, gorges, rivers, waterfalls, black eagles nesting on cliffs .…
it was heaven! There were snakes too, of course, and lots of animals. If one is patient you can sneak right up close and
touch wild animals. You learn to imitate them too, their movements and their sounds. You love them and you respect
them, same as you do the mountains, a river, or the ocean. When we weren’t at school, we were allowed to spend all day
just being out there soaking it up. You feel so close to it all, you feel at one with it, and you know in your heart without
even thinking about it that you are part of it and it is part of you. And so it makes sense too that other people are also
part of this oneness, that there are no boundaries, not for real.
One gets a sense of space too, that somehow makes it easy to visualize the space out there in the universe, not feel
overwhelmed by the concept of infinity. I was lucky to spend a little time in the desert and some time at sea too, they were
similar in many ways, undulating vast spaces, yet filled with life.
I think living this way also helps one to be strong in oneself, so that one questions generally accepted ways of thinking,
and rules, instead of just following blindly. My Mother certainly encouraged that. My Dad was a strong influence too.
He went out to farm in Africa when he was 19. He carved a farm from the bush in what was then Rhodesia, and lived with
the African people as his closest friends. One of my poetry collections is called "Following Father". (By the way, Jules,
I hope to soon put together a collection of earth and spiritual poems, but in the meantime there are some of these available
on my website.) Often I would sit alone up a tree, meditating. Well I didn’t know it was meditating then. One can do that
anywhere, listen to a stream, the sea, or the wind. Watch the birds or animals. Even simply enjoy the sun. Anything that
helps you let go of the daily grindstone and any inner turmoil, to still your mind.

* What, do you believe is the most powerful or fulfilling thing that you have achieved through healing?

Well, it’s early days for me yet Jules. I have worked and continue to work with a wide range of people and conditions,
plus with people who are just looking for a general "top up" to help them on their way. I don’t look for gratification by
following specific results, but I do see that there is improvement, and that these people are convinced in themselves that
this works. I know in my self that it works too, but I do not pretend that it is a miracle cure. When I started out I used to
see lots of colours and movements of energy, and even sense the clients’ emotions, which was all very exciting, but I
began to feel that I was sensationalizing things unnecessarily, so now I mostly just trust, and let it happen. Our group
leader, Maggie, is always a wonderful example to us all.
Perhaps the best thing is how it has helped my family, and changed my own life, giving me that sense of having found the
answers and the way of life that I was looking for, of being fulfilled at last, and of having a road to continue steadily along,
with lots more to learn along the way.
I would like one day to be involved in scientific research into how healing (and for that matter, water divining too) works.
I would also love to teach and pass on these skills, well I guess that is already happening in many subtle ways, so I am
happy there. I would also like to work with children more – I have studied towards, and worked for a time as a special
needs assistant in schools, as well as working with special needs children as a poet, and I think healing could help in
many cases. I am also open to working with animals. And of course I’d love to work alongside medical professionals.

* Can anybody become a healer?

Yes. I think it is a natural ability we have as children but lose in the humdrum of consumer society and the complex
stresses of trying to survive financially and socially. It is something we can all find our way back to if we want to enough.
The NFSH training on offer is excellent, and because of their strictness, it is widely respected, which I think as very
important, and helps us not to get too crazy!
May I just add that although children are natural healers, it is still something they have to discover for themselves really,
you can’t push them, just like with anything else, you can only show them a little by example, then maybe you have to
just let go and trust that they will find their way back in their own good time.

* What advice would you give to anybody interested in becoming a healer?

Order Jack Angelo’s book, have a look, and if you think healing is for you, then get in touch with the NFSH and find out
about groups local to you. If you go along to these groups the leaders of them should be able to guide you along your
way. Or you can do it the other way around and check out the groups first. Either way, if you find you do wish to learn to
give healing you should be prepared to do a lot of self-development work, as one does need to initially concentrate on
fine-tuning oneself to be a good, clear, channel, but of course, receiving healing will assist you greatly with this.
The National Federation of Spiritual Healing can be contacted at:
Old Manor Farm Studio, Church Street, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex, TW16 6RG.
Phone: 01932 783164 / Email:
office@nfsh.org.uk / Website: http://www.nfsh.org.uk

* And lastly, as a poet in schools, performer, workshop leader, tutor, publisher, editor, festival and events organizer and
storyteller how do you manage to fit everything into your life without sometimes feeling overwhelmed by it all?

Well, Jules, as they say "if you want something done, ask a busy person!". No, seriously, I can’t help myself, I just love
to be doing these things. Actually, I have been a publisher and editor for many years, mostly of poetry, but also of an
environmental magazine before that, and I have had to give all that side of things up now, along with the festival and
events organizing, in order to make room for healing and water divining. I began water divining a couple of years ago,
and have been well trained by one of my brothers, Doug Bates, who works full time as a diviner in Scotland and sometimes
abroad. He trained as a geologist straight after school and came into water divining later, so he is very thorough. I think
water divining and healing must use similar parts of the brain, and that practicing the one helped lead me into the other.
I feel that I enter the same sort of state of relaxed concentration for both. The fact that we can divine accurately on maps
supports the idea that the information may come from some sort of collective unconscious, which also ties in with ideas
behind healing, and I have read that quantum physicists are coming round to thinking this way too. The instruments that
we use on the ground to pinpoint a drilling spot for water and read its depth, volume, and quality are only magnifying
reactions from one’s own body. We have worked very successfully without using any instruments at all. One learns to
trust the small signals received in answer to specific questioning, in a very similar way to how one learns to hear and trust
the whispers of ones intuition when healing.
I have only been practicing as a healer now since about April, but feel relaxed and quietly confident about it. I guess it
also helps that I did such intensive reading in the early stages. Anyway, I know I still have a long way to go…indeed,
don’t we all? I think one never stops learning, and that is precisely what is so fascinating about life!
I do still work as a poet, storyteller, and artist, performing and teaching. I think this is all part of the real me who is also
the diviner and healer. They seem to go so wonderfully together.
I am a mother of two sons as well, now aged 13 and 14, and they get their share of attention! Fortunately for me my
husband does let me be who I am and do what I have to do, despite thinking that I am totally mad. He gives me trust and
freedom, and helps out with some of the housework too.
I do these things instead of a normal job, not as well as, so it isn’t that amazing really, I just live a bit differently from your
regular 9 to 5-er. I used to be a 9 to 5-er for the first few years of my adult life, then I spent a couple of years on a yacht –
from South Africa across the South Atlantic via a couple of islands to Brazil, then up to the Caribbean, Bermuda, USA.
I couldn’t do the 9 to 5 thing much more after that. At least I am at home more often than not when the boys get back from
school, or soon after, and can give them time in their holidays too.

I do also work as a website designer. That is my attempt at making some money. I enjoy it because it is creative too, it also
fits in well with the other things, I mean look at the website I have done in relation to healing
for example. That website enables lots of links to other websites in the areas of healing, creativity, the environment, and
divining, as well as having its own information pages.

I have also done a joint website for myself and my brother at
www.waterdivining.com which has all the divining information
on it plus links into our older individual sites.

I think the internet can be a superb tool, yes even for healers,
poets, diviners… and what with all that information ….
one could be in thrall for ever! It enables a huge amount of
information sharing, and networking of ideas.

Sorry, I do go on a bit….let’s stop there.

Thanks again!

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