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my own Journey so far

I am not 'religious' but I do think of a SOURCE,
or Universal Light (life) Force.
I believe that we are all linked to and guided by that source,
and it is up to us to learn to listen to it,
to trust our inner voice or intuition, and journey towards becoming our true
or higher selves, and thereby fulfilling our purpose here on this earth.

I grew up in a remote mountainous part of South Africa,
living very close to the land, and the animals upon it.
I then travelled half way round the world on a yacht,
before eventually settling in England and starting a family.
I had been working for many years as a poet and artist,
and more recently also as a water diviner,
before I found out that there were other people around who thought like me!

It is not surprising that I felt immediately at home
amongst my local group of healers!
I could not have wished for a more wonderful bunch.
The group is part of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers,
and we do training courses through them.
They are rightly very clear and careful about the methods we use,
and it is a big committment in terms of time and money to train properly.
(We are also covered by insurance, although you cannot be hurt by healing
as it is completely non-invasive.)

First there is a long process of releasing one's own past blocks
so that one can be as pure a channel as possible.
Release of pains & fears, Forgiveness (of one's self and of others), Trust,
Unconditional Love, being Open to Receive, and Gratefulness, are all key words here.

A simple description of healing is that we channel
universal energy through us into and through the patient.
This is very relaxing, but is at the same time stimulating
for the patient's own immune system.
We work with the "subtle bodies" - the aura and
the etheric mostly. We often sense a lot
of colour, and we make good use of the breath.
We can sense problem areas and clear them,
particularly in the chakras and the physical body.
We learn a lot of medical stuff, plus all sorts of detailed
information surrounding the healing process.
We work only with the highest good,
compassionate intent, and unconditional love.

Because the energy itself does not come from us,
but is only channelled through us, I think healers are often too humble
about their role! Yes, I know we have to keep ego out of the way altogether,
but after all the self preparation and cost of training, and what with the
committment one is making, I think healers deserve
more credit! (Though of course we do receive great
benefit from undertaking our own journeys!)
I have found a wonderful phrase I think we might
apply to ourselves - "Instruments of Grace".
I love that word GRACE - it is one I have only recently begun using,
and with much relish - it is so perfect a description
of how I feel when all is going well.
You may have heard the word BLISS being used in connection with meditation;
well the word GRACE works even better for me because somehow it seems to
embody that beautiful bliss, but also communicates
stillness and movement, the peace and the flow.

I am also interested in Trager Mentastics, mind-body movements
which always work around the thought
"What can be lighter than this?" It is quite fantastic
where one can go with this - and the word GRACE
is again so absolutely appropriate here.
And, as you may have gathered by now, both Healing
and Mentastics make good use of the word LIGHT.
Hence my other catchphrase - "Lighten-Up!"
("...we lighten up! ... let go of those heavy loads
and generally increase our well being..." or
"...we call the light to us....")

If you look at my
you'll find a lot of phrases there which will give you more
of an idea of the process of readying oneself to train
as a healer. Affirmations,
Visualizations, and of course
Meditations are indispensable tools along the way.

Anytime we genuinely ask for help it is there for us.
We are ONE with the Light Source, particularly during Meditation,
and can access unlimited guidance and information.
It is not a path that will ever get to any particular place,
one will continue to learn every day.
We continually "polish" the instrument that is ourselves.

Talking of "Instruments" brings another point to bear.
Light Energy is the form most healers think of,
but Sound can also be used most effectively
(perhaps that is why music is so important to us?)
Anyway, that is partly why this website is called
but also, because what healers are doing by growing spiritually,
is radiating the energy through them
("..if we bring radiance to ourselves, we also radiate to others...")
and increasing their own vibrations.

I am continually amazed by what can happen!

What is "Radiance" or Healing?
explains spiritual healing as i practice it
What is healing
What happens during a healing session?
What can healing do for me?
What about Julia as a healer?

Email Julia

Bits jotted down
Here we go again! There is always so much info!

When receiving any form of guidance... always ask yourself
"Is this information riniging the bell of TRUTH within my HEART?"
If it is, then listen to it. If not, then don't be swayed.
Listen to the Song and not the singer! If it is not right for you,
leave it alone.

Believe that you deserve joy and abundance in your life.
After all, if you are working for the higher good,
your own life should be filled with love, not struggle.
Be in touch with your soul force, your higher self.

When you ask for the greatest, highest good to work
through you, also affirm that you are prepared to accept
whatever that takes.
This may lead you away from glamour, but in its place you will
find the permanent richness of balance and truth.

The state of society and of global relationships can be seen
as a reflection of the inner condition of humankind.
Violence and wars are the externalization of our inner conflicts.
So, the advancement of society, and lasting peace between
nations, does not depend upon international politics and
economic structures, but upon individual men and women
establishing their own inner attunement (through meditation).
Being in harmony with oneself radiates a corresponding energy into the world.
This is then externalized, and when sufficient numbers of people have
achieved inner stillness, we shall at last see peace.

During meditation, the continual "How & Why" voice -
the small chattering mind, is stilled or moved aside, and we
are able to touch inner peace and the essence of who we are,
the soul, the part of us that is indisputedly joined to the
all-that-is (the universal consciousness).
We touch the absolute, and know our own perfection.
We balance and align the inner soul force with the Divine Source.
This bridge is a channel of light which enables us to
communicate and function above the lower emotional levels,
and work with the highest good, to serve our inner truth.
Each time you meditate you increase the light, love,
and level of spiritual energy for yourself and for the planet.

The physical body helps us experience life on earth, and
we all have important lessons to learn here.

If you trust your intuition all along your journey you will not go far wrong.
We all do have intuition if we are prepared to take a deep breath and listen!
It is not dramatic - it is a "still voice of knowing within us".

This journey is not that of a recluse - one does not "drop out",
nor do you submit yourself to the power of anyone else.
You actually increase your own power because you are
taking control of and responsibility for your own life.
You will no longer feel as if you are being dragged along
in the mass-tide, or helpless against fate!

There is so much to learn, enjoy, experience, share!
This website is dedicated to doing exactly that,
facilitating the sharing of knowledge.

I wish you all well, wherever your journey may take you,
and whether it be a brief excursion or a huge quest!

May you walk with

Beauty / Joy
Truth / Trust
Love / Laughter

Apart from working as a healer, and website designer,
Julia (Jay) also works as a poet in schools and festivals
around the UK and abroad, an artist, and a water diviner.

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