My Guides & Channellers
Rani - Young Quick Male - American-Indian Wisdom (also akin to African & Aboriginal) Body to Earth Spirit Connection which is both yin and yang, and gentle. Helps me with with Painting, Design, & Writing particularly. Also with healing insights and help, but the energy itself comes from the Holy Spirit. Also Far Seeing so helps with intuition.

Quite serious, but a fast and light feeling teacher.

Feels like a young and eager energy, often around.
Merlin - Ageless and Timeless Male - My ancestral wisdom and magic. (Also incorporates the feminine of landscape.) Balances yin/yang & wisdom/humour. Helps me with divining & spiritual evolution. There is much water involved with the Earth link, and also an element of the cosmic. (St Germain & use of violet flame links.)
(I also link with Igraine's mother energy sometimes.)
The sword is a masculine symbol & the chalice feminine.
Both are to be found within.

My link with Merlin is ageless and timeless as he is.
Plotinus - Older Male - Greek Wisdom. Neo-platonic philosopher. (Father energy, stern and sincere). Helps me to Teach. Heavy mental level teacher. There are past life links with a man of the same energy in Eastern Europe. Becoming lighter as I mingle this energy with others, especially Chrystal (below) teaching is more fun.
Chrystal - Young Female - Atlantean Wisdom (with elements of Egyptian Wisdom too) - Chrystal, like Christ (she almost feels like his baby sister), is so filled with Light that she walks on air, and water.... and teaches of and through these elements. Grace is her outstanding characteristic. Swimming and flying and singing and dancing with joy. Also a cosmic divinity - she dances amongst the stars to the song of the universe. She helps me with Channelling, and card readings (particularly my mermaid and dolphin ones) and many other things. (Linked to my grandmother Stella Eve, but also to a past life as a simple young water carrier with long black hair in Egypt, and to another one as Hannah, mother of the prophet Samuel.) Of the water and the ether, she is a very angelic link, and thoroughly feminine. She has come much more into prominence recently.
All of these guides overlay each other. Sometimes one is more obvious than the other assisting in certain tasks, but often their energies are combined. All of them channel through me at various times. There is a new one coming through very similar to Chrystal, but older. It is of course possible that I may link with and work with your own guides when healing, channelling, or doing card readings.
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The Beings of Light are a group of pure energetic Beings who channel through me. I need no further identification of who they are or were or how many of them there are. Their energy is so fine and their love and message so clear and true I trust them implicitly.

They have channelled artwork and poems
for me which have already deeply affected people around the world, and have promised to soon channel an entire personal development course through me, for you. They will be talking to you about their own journey and how it relates to yours, and how you too, can be, Beings of Light.

See Artwork Series - Doorways for Beings of Light

See one of the poems they have already given me.

These Beings will gladly channel for you personally once you have done this course

Chanelling sessions cost the same as counselling sessions,
and are done the same way, either by phone, email, or by post.

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Rani's Orange

Chrystal's energy is in these poems