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Although our Essence of One Philosophy says that we are all interconnected
at some level, aspects of us are still very much individual, and you can
create your own unique reality.
The phrases "Life by Design" and "Living on Purpose", help focus on this possibility
to plan your own dream of life on this planet, as it were, or to "live lucidly",
being as aware as possible of what goes on in your own mind, body, and spirit.
The more aware you are of yourself and everything around you,
the more awake you are to the beauty of any experience.
All of our activities are aimed at helping people become more aware,
giving you ideas, tools, inspiration, etc to empower you, as well as
therapies to help overcome any issues. So we can heal our bodies,
and we can use our minds as tools to help us achieve spiritual balance and joy.

Life Coaching / Stress Management / Counselling / Mediation
face to face (within radius of Dorking, Surrey) - or via email, phone, or post

Life by Design Personal & Spiritual Development Guides
by email or post - giving you control over your own potential

Workshops & Other Extras
We are always pleased to run these in small venues such as your home, just ask.

Golden Choices Agency
for work with Young People - including our "Transitions into Adulthood" special
& also with Businesses, Education, and the NHS

Healing / Thai Hand & Foot Massage
Treat yourself to a totally holistic session to balance, relax and rejuvenate you.

Geopathic Stress
explanation, causes, & solutions

Find or find out about anything using our systems

Poetry in Schools, Workshops, Talks, Readings, etc

Find Your Joy with a Life by Design Appointment or Guides
07955-210-252 / 07707-200-494 / 01306-500-425
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