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Ecstacy & Our Essential Nature
by Julia Woodman

When sexual union honours and celebrates a real-ationship it expresses spiritual power
and you experience a sense of bliss. Without that sacred dimension,
sex is just a physical drive, disconnected from heart and spirit.

 To experience ecstasy is in our essence.
To unite with another to become one is in our essence.
We are in fact all part of all life, and this can be experienced in meditation, as can ecstasy.

 To truly and openly unite with one consciously honoured special other
in a sacred way that combines the physical and the spiritual, is to blend
feminine and masculine, yin and yang, and merge together in an ecstatic union of inner selves
that transcends all barriers, dissolves all fears and hang-ups,
and sets you free to feel the power of the truth of the real you.

 That real you reconnects to the universal life force or essence that is everywhere
and in everything, so you will enjoy life to the full – a walk in the woods, dancing,
singing, cooking, and even working.  You bring that ecstasy into the everyday world
and ground it there, so that it is transformed by your own energy and beauty
and reflects that energy and beauty back to you.

 By truly honouring that special other, and by surrendering your ego self up to the ecstasy
of the spiritual union, you find your own honour and your whole self, and become newly blessed, lifted into an awareness of our essential nature, and in love with life in all its authentic vibrancy.

 You also feel grateful, graceful, peaceful, and “beautiful all over”,
as if you have suddenly stepped into the most gorgeous garden and are at one with
the sun and earth and air and water and flowers; as indeed you are.
Eden lives in all our hearts, and can be found when you allow love to cut through
all the overgrowth of falsehoods and open you up to breathe in the wonder.

 The more we blossom, the more our exploring minds realise that this sacred garden
of our hearts and bodies holds infinite potential and mystery.
It is in fact a unique universe within, connected with the universe all around,
and the eternal source of life itself.
As the mind enjoys each new discovery, it hopefully makes the choice to continue
to live fully and in clarity of knowing who you are,
and does not become overgrown with weeds again.

As your mind, body and spirit integrate and evolve in line with this choice
then you will be open to more heightened experiences of the ecstasy of our essential natures.

 It is important to note that it is very helpful to follow this course even if you have
erectile or other physical problems, as these do not impede success,
in fact you may experience quicker success than those with egotistical mind-sets.

This course applies only to sincere adults in a one-to-one relationship
who really want to advance their sexual awareness
and not to people looking for sexual kicks on a casual (or any other) basis

Good Luck to one & all!
by Julia Woodman


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