Curriculum Vitae – Julia Woodman

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I have wide and varied experience from employment, self-employment, voluntary work, and pursuit of personal interests.
A people person as well as a creative person, I am versatile and adaptable.
Highly, literate and numerate, conscientious, dedicated, and self aware, I am good with people of all ages and levels.
I have good communication skills, and work well in a team, as well as on my own, but am also a natural leader and have
run various groups.  I am practical & logical as well as intuitive, so am often able to come up with good ideas and solutions.
I am a quick learner, responding to all learning styles.  I enjoy intelligent challenge, but am equally willing to get on with physical or routine tasks.  I am very motivated, and can motivate, enable, & empower others.  I respect all, no matter what age or background, and greatly enjoy helping others to achieve their full potential.  I am good at listening and responding appropriately to the needs of individuals, families, or groups, including providing advice and support.  I am also experienced at, and enjoy, multi-agency networking.


I am currently mostly Self Employed as a Counseler, Life Coach, Healer, and Writer but I am also available for some part time work.

Friday job with White Post Health Centre in Reigate/Redhill – started 13th May 2011.
Driving patients to appointments sometimes in van with wheelchair use, and doing light maintenance.
8am to 2.30 pm Fridays.  Have just done PAT (electrical testing) training day and now do this.
I would only consider giving this up for a really suitable alternative if necessary – one weeks notice.

Working in Schools etc for Temp Agency – Mostly doing After School Clubs at Dunottar in Reigate/Redhill to fill in for someone on maternity leave, who returned after Easter.
Also 27th May-15 June Washing Dishes in Belmont School, Holmbury st Mary to cover for someone who was on study leave Wednesdays.  (Did laundry one day in a boarding school too.)

Jade Recruitment - 1st Floor Offices, 119-123 High Street, Dorking, RH4 1AL  / Ph 01306-876035 (fax 01306-875204)

Floating Support Worker - Sep 2008 to end Oct 2010 - Still with Rainer, although they are now called Catch-22 (after merging with Crime Concern). This role was very similar to the previous role with this same charity, although I had moved to the housing team, so focused mainly on helping young people find and maintain housing, but still covered most of the other things listed below as well. It also included work with 16 & 17 year olds, and young people who were street homeless and had not necessarily been through the care system. This division was funded by Supporting People and the role was non-statutory, and we worked with each young person only while they needed the extra help rather than for a fixed period as before. . Our guiding principles were the Every Child Matters aims for all children and young people to be healthy, enjoy & achieve, stay safe, make a positive contribution, and achieve economic wellbeing.

I was with this charity for a total of five and a half years.  I left because I no longer wanted to work with such a huge focus on housing and benefits, and wanted to use my therapeutic, life coaching, personal development, training, educational, and creative skills more, including to write books. I was on 22686 PA inc allowance for car and area

Assistant Personal Adviser with the Rainer Surrey 18+ Team (Part of Royal Philanthropic Society) from April 2005 to Sep 2008.  Based in Woking, under contract to Surrey County Council, we assisted young people who had been in care towards successful independent living.  

  • Helped young people move from chaotic unemployment into further studies or employment.
  • Worked with benefits departments, and training providers
  • Found appropriate council or private accommodation
  • Motivated young people in the areas of health & development
  • Supported young people with emotional, family & friendship issues
  • Supported in the areas of identity, citizenship, and rights.
  • Helped young people develop financial and other independent living skills
  • Applied on young people’s behalf for financial support with travel costs, training or further studies, clothing, furnishings, rent deposits, costs of documentation such as passports, etc.

Some specific strong points relevant to this role are:

  • Caring passionately about working with people of any age to improve their situations
  • Good at empowering people to help themselves, and at engaging with the ‘hard to reach’. 
  • Active team member contributing at team meetings etc which often led to changes for the betterment of our service to young people, our team members, and our organization.
  • Volunteered for extra duties, such as manning stands at events, covering duties of absentees, gathering information to inform policy, helping with extra things that need to be done.
  • Produced newsletter for 6 months in 1st yr in job, with articles from workers & young people.
  • Line Manager asked me to apply for promotion, but this would have led more into social work, whereas I am inclined more towards youth work or roles that can use my counseling, coaching, and personal development skills more specifically, and my creativity and flexibility.

Service User Involvement Officer - Covered this role for 2nd yr in job in addition to main role above

  • Answered directly to service manager as separate contract provided to the council
  • Reported regularly to Steering Group
  • Organized and led the Surrey Youth Forum
  • Ensured attendance & involvement of our young people in conferences and policy development decisions with local govt, ourselves, and other agencies and services
  • Researched opportunities and kept young people informed of them
  • Made successful bid with young people for 5000 to fund Surrey Young People’s Website
  • Design of this website, following the young people’s brief
  • Led interview training sessions with young people to enable them to interview for us
  • Often undertook major tasks at very short notice
  • Inducted new worker when she was appointed (returned early from leave to do this)

Advertising Sales for PersonelZone and HealthandSafetyZone based in Esher but mostly working from home 3 days a week from June 04. Researched companies & offered to fulfill their advertising needs with tailored online advertising packages.  Delivered presentations.

During this time I was also able to continue with some self employed work and studies:

  • WRITING personal development COURSES (available via email or post)
  • COUNSELING, and Stress Consultant (I have been on TV demonstrating this role).
  • Web Design – delivering complete web solutions
  • Further studies – Life Coaching

Third Poetry Tour of TexasWorked with Adults & Children at a large festival, in schools, and at a variety of other places such as spiritual centres and arts venues – April 04

Young Persons Officer (Consultation & Participation) - Pavilion Housing, Aldershot - Feb 04.

  • Engaged successfully with young people on the streets in Aldershot along with the warden for that area, and supported his and their project plans.
  • Engaged with a group of young people with anti-social behavioural issues in Farnborough in conjunction with the community safety officer, and planned projects with them.

Period of Self Employment as Website Designer, Water Diviner, Poet & Healer - from 1999

  • Trained extensively for divining & healing, and mostly taught myself web design.
  • Wide experience of working sensitively with all sorts of people, including many elderly.
  • Updating of the national NFSH WEBSITE, initiated by attending council meetings to discuss
  • Presentations to meet clients needs – Web Design projects completed
  • Reports for Clients after water divining in the field, and on maps
  • General running of a business, inc finance, publicity etc.
  • Organized series of poetry events in Winchester.  Applied for & got funding.
  • Continued with poetry, art & storytelling workshops in schools and outdoor venues,
    plus readings & workshops for adult groups.

Special Needs Assistant (& Midday Supervisor) at Beaumont County Junior School, Aldershot, from August 98 (secured the job before moving south from Yorkshire). 
Also continued writing & publishing, and did odd jobs for people in their homes.

Self Employed in Yorkshire from 1991-1998

  • Freelance Writer - mostly environmental & philosophical articles
  • Published poetry in journals around the world (inc in Japanese & German translation). 
  • Poet & Artist in SCHOOLS around UK & read own work at many venues & on RADIO
  • Storytelling events in several outdoor venues around UK – Chatsworth and other Gardens
  • ADULT creative writing TUTOR in the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds.
  • Two Tours Performing Poetry in the USA, inc Radio and TV interviews & readings
  • FOUNDED & ORGANISED Yorkshire Rainbow Festival (varied events over several wks)
  • Applied for & got funding.
  • Published & Edited magazines and books, under name of Woodman’s Press
  • Ran poetry and short story competitions where readers voted for winners
  • Client based work - PR, Copywriting, Word Processing, Typesetting, Proofreading, Printing, Design, Artwork and Illustration. 

Returned to England and concentrated on raising young family – Kent, Derby, Yorkshire – 1985

Renewals Clerk – Homes Trust Life Insurance – 1984 - When I returned to Cape Town South Africa, this same company I had my first job with were pleased to hire me again.  

  • Problem solving of computer generated insurance policies
  • Bilingual CORRESPONDENCE and TELEPHONE COMMUNICATIONS with branch managers and clients, also some native languages.

Freelance Writer for Boating Paper in the States - Assignments & Choice / News & Feature – 1983

Yacht Crew Member from S Africa to USA - 1982
Also worked along the way, in Bermuda, Caribbean etc as waitress / ships engineer / garage secretary.

Computer Librarian for SAF Marine, Cape Town. – Admin & communication tasks, liaising between programmers and operators, stock & stationery control, reception - 1980 to 81

Costing Clerk for Reckitt & Colman, Cape Town - product COSTING and STATISTICS – 1979 to 80

Computerized Salaries Clerk for Homes Trust Life, a large insurance company in Cape Town, South Africa.  Included handling POSTAL and TELEPHONE ENQUIRIES from agents and branch managers in English, Afrikaans, and some native languages.  – 1977 to 79

Over the years -
  part time jobs (apart from those already mentioned) – retail and tele-sales, admin, (fuel depot & garage), bar work, waiting & cleaning.


Voluntary work - in Nurseries and Schools in Yorkshire

  • Reading & Language work – one to one outside classroom
  • Maths & Science – helping students in class
  • Drawing with special needs children – one to one outside class
  • Crafts, Games & Trips – extra curricular

Voluntary work - CPSA work at Calthorpe Park High School in Fleet, Hants. 

Voluntary work – National Federation of Spiritual Healers:

  • Elected NFSH Fleet Centres CHAIR
  • Elected NFSH Council Representative for our region at National Meetings
  • Elected NFSH Regional Probationer Liaison Officer - helped TRAIN new healers
    Included running personal development, meditation etc workshops.

Other Interests: 
Writing, Painting, Design, Wide variety of Music (including playing and singing), Walking, Swimming, Reading(personal development, science, philosophy, environment, economics, arts & literature), Theatre, Films


Certificate in Life Coaching - Newcastle College – course written by Fiona Harold - 2005

Diploma Advanced Counselling Skills & Ass. Stress Consultants Member - 92% (BSY, Devon) - 04

Certificate and Full Healer Membership - National Federation of Spiritual Healers – 1999 to 2002

Water Divining Apprenticeship - with geologist/diviner – 1998 to 2001 – part time, when possible

Office Training to update skills - Index Recruitment, Fleet - Word/Excel/Access - not accredited – 99

Apple Mac & Quark Xpress - with small press publisher in Reading - not accredited – 98

Workers in Schools – WEA & OCN – In Yorkshire School - top results - 4 credits at Level 3 – 1998

Interior Decorating Diploma - Correspondence, S.Africa - (while working)  - 'A' – 1981

First Year (only) of B.Comm. - Correspondence, Uni of S.Africa (while working) - 3 Credits – 1978

Accounting, Economics, Business Economics.

Secretarial Diploma - Cape Town, South Africa - All relevant skills - 1977

Matriculation with University entry level resultsNatal, South Africa - 1976

Accounting, Maths, English, Afrikaans, Biology, Geography


CRB - I have clean Enhanced CRB Disclosure

Nationality – British

Date of birth1/8/59

Transport - UK clean driving license and car owner

NINO – NS 80 27 47 D

Absence – I had only 4 days off sick in my final year in my last job, and am generally in very good health.  The year before that was more but that was due to having flu very badly at the beginning of the year, and I now get the flu jab, so this should not happen again.


Jade Recruitment – the temp agency I have recently been working with.
1st Floor Offices, 119-123 High Street, Dorking, RH4 1AL  / 01306-876035 (fax 01306-875204)

Reference from Rainer/Catch22 for my last full time roles:  Phil Doyle 01483-517070 / Quadrant Court, 35 Guildford Road, Woking, Surrey, GU22 7QQ.   (I have a copy of my reference from Phil –
as I worked in 3 different sections, only he as area manager could cover all of them, and I have had experience in the past of not being able to get references from past jobs due to management and contract changes.  I got this from the Temp agency I now work with.)

Michale Vann was my most recent manager in the 18+ team, but is no longer working at this charity –and is now working in Australia so email is best. 07949-999462 email

Written References: Excellent written references from previous employers and associates are available in my presentation file, including ones from the Cape Town insurance company that employed me twice, and ones from the head and other teachers at the Yorkshire school where I did a lot of voluntary work, and my NVQ3 workers in schools training.  There are also leaflets from the festival I organized and other events.

Personal Reference:  Ken Peacock – has knowledge of most of my self-employed work, as well as my recent career history.  We have worked together in voluntary roles with the NFSH. 
Ken will be able to vouch for my ability to lead a group, yet be part of a team, and for my love of helping and enabling people, as well as for my publishing and creative abilities. 
He will also be able to confirm my general good character, optimism, resourcefulness, and motivation. / 51a Winchester Road, Four Marks, GU34 5HG / Ph 01420-562357


Life Coaching, Counselling, Mediation, Stress Consultations, Healing, Thai foot massage,
Meditation, Personal Development Guides, Workshops,
Poetry in Schools, Writing (articles, books etc), Art.

An holistic approach to life = Don't just DO it, LIVE it.