Cosmic Breath
by Julia Woodman

I swirl my seven chakras one by one -
each expands more with practice -
first, within the room
then outside the confines of the building,
outside the edges of the town, into forest and fields,
beyond the coastline of England,
then beyond the curve of the earth
and on beyond the universe……

I find outside the universe
a space that knows everything
that holds the memory of everything
past present future -
where time is fluid
& there are no opposites or boundaries or contradictions;
just a whole - that feels deep & peaceful.

And in that cradling
there is emptiness and darkness and yet
there is immense energy and light -
I feel it flowing into me,
it re-aligns my spine,
takes away tensions and negativity,
takes away futile struggles and physical pain -
and gives me healing and love and answers instead.

I trust it to tell me what I need,
I am open to receive,
I am grateful for its umbilical suck and pull,
like the shedding and renewal of our cells,
and I am filled with laughter
at the backwards vision of how foolish one can be.
I am joyful and prancing free
now that I can see.

I know that this space is within us all,
folding, enfolding -
we can go there anytime we wish -
drop old baggage and pick up new skills,
discover meanings of colours & dreams & plants & fruits,
speak & move with human & animal guides,
balance masculine and feminine sides,
evolve to become higher selves,
then turn to teach and heal each other
by channeling the love and the light.

And I can feel the outside edges of our universe
lapping into this space -
lapping like drops of fire
or molten metal,
lapping like water,
lapping like wind in the trees,
lapping like the earth itself laps from rock to sand
and back again to rock.

And I can feel this space seeping back
into the universe
through the swirling center
which is deep within every one of us
so that we are part of its evolution.
The more we connect with this energy
the easier we make it for the next person to do so
because we are forming a habit
that is recorded in the space that knows.
Round & round & in & out the singing transformation goes,
like a bunch of figure of eight’s interconnected in the middle.

If we want to build places of worship
they should be circular -
or else use a hilltop
or the shores of a lake
or a clearing in a grove of trees -
(don’t forget that the trees will want to speak too,
and the stones and the sky,
and the dancing flowers and weaving water)
there needs to be space for all!

There we can come together
and here and anywhere and everywhere
we can come together and open ourselves up
and join in the process of creation or re-creation
by connecting with the grace and the power
all around and at the core,
by letting go of the old and bringing into form
the true new vision & purpose of our souls,
and by bringing back our gifts to the hungering world.


Out There
by Julia Woodman

I want to be
where cool light washes
along paths beneath trees,
where babies walk on grass with bare feet,
where the dustman pauses to eat
flaky fish, or sandwiches.

I want to be
where the white collar man does not dare
to go at night time (and during the day
he is foolishly enslaved, in offices).

I want to be
walking endlessly up and down those streets
that lead to nowhere new
but the music feels good, the rhythm of my feet
and the beat of the blood in my veins
so sweet and so fast
I know it will last almost forever……….

and I want to be
in the sun and the rain
tempted again and again by solid stones
with their stories of yearning.

I want to be
learning the songs of rivers and streams,
recklessly riding waves of the ocean,
feeling the tug and continual weave
of currents, and wind,
ebbing and flowing.

I want to reach
to touch spider thin leaves,
where birds build nests
and insects spin their own fine threads
to add to the trembling web
of the universe,

And I want to be
whenever the stars beam down their tears
from away so far,
we can hardly imagine.

We could all be
to catch those droplets in our hearts
and turn them into words
for telling the world about love, and art,
as it tells us itself
over and over, every day, in so many ways.

We could all be
to tell it, and each other,
about the cool light that laps and washes
along pathways beneath trees
where babies walk on grass
and four leafed clovers
with podgy bare feet,
and the dustman pauses to eat.

Don’t you feel the need
to be
with the beat of your blood in your veins
so fast
you know it will last almost forever?

We could all be
together, with the light
shining from our faces and our eyes
streaming down from above through our brains
and out again -
to the world that I believe in dreaming in
where I want to be
walking, laughing, loving,



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