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Consciousness Special Workshops

Available to Book in UK, USA, Spain & Greece

"Eternal Consciousness is not a thing.
It has many names and no name.
It is within and beyond everything.
It is the essence of us all."

Vimala McClure - from The Tao of Motherhood

Our Workshops will lead you through a journey of understanding,
within and without,
from which we hope you will emerge
with a new-found sense of being.

"Everything arises from Consciousness and returns.
The Universe is the play of the rising and returning of millions of beings,
all becoming one."

Vimala McClure - from The Tao of Motherhood

But there is a One even beyond that One!
We have covered up our real consciousness that allows us to recognise our True nature.
We can let go of guilt & fear and learn to live with love and forgiveness
in this world or illusion.
In the stillness - there are no boundaries.

These workshops can be personalised to some degree on request
to incorporate various elements from the many modules on our various courses
Please let us know which modules you are particularly interested in incorporating.


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