Article Two -
Philosophy and Sensuality
by Julia Woodman

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I have always been a bit of a philosopher at heart. I am curious about most things and especially about how the world, the universe, and everything in it - including people - works.
I like to help people find the best in themselves so that they can be empowered to live lives of peace and fulfilment.
I think that the process of becoming more fully aware, and thus more fully in control of your life and who you are being, is partly a sensual experience. Your senses become enhanced and your sense of excitement about life grows as you engage fully with it.

Balance of mind, body, and spirit can be found in many ways -
* nature is a good healer in itself,
* so is getting plenty of exercise and having a good diet and plenty of water,
* so is meditation - and many other spiritual practices
* so is finding a way to do the things you love doing rather than feeling stuck in a job you don't like or with people you don't like,
* spiritual healing, life coaching, counselling, and other therapies can all help people to find a route to optimum health.

I find that our minds can be used as tools so that we can help ourselves by -
* Observing and appreciating beauty - and by making it a habit to do so, using as many of your senses as possible.
* Obtaining pleasure from your active experience of living your life - witnessing yourself and your interaction with the world around you in an honest but positive way. Be prepared to laugh at yourself too! Lightness and laughter are great helpers.
* Learning about things that work for you - and then doing them,
* Focusing on the positives - along with forgiveness and gratitude - rather than letting any negative issues keep any sort of grip on you,
* Planning for the future so that you don't obsess about it or get caught up in disproportionate worries about it, and can go with the flow that we are ourselves creating along with the universe.
(Even making lists instead of trying to remember everything frees up your mind to do more useful things, but life coaching has particular ways to help you define, and plan to achieve, your goals.)
* Understand that you are the master of your own destiny - then set your intentions - make your own choices

I find great enjoyment in the small things in life -
* I love walking, dancing, music, watching the natural world, etc - and I believe that this might require some sort of sensuality, or at least a nurturing of our inherent sensuality.
* Feeling the sun on your skin, the rhythms of the music, dancing, or playing an instrument, singing, swimming, walking, doing yoga or tai chi, making love - all allow us to experience the joy of our bodies working as they are meant to - healthily - in turn creating joy, laughter, appreciation of the amazing bodies that we have been given.
* Expressing joy creatively - writing stories, poems, songs, painting, taking photos, working with flowers, decorating a home - is another way to enhance the satisfaction obtainable from beauty. (Even just watching something, you can breathe deeply with joy, drink in the experience, savour the expression of participation in life.)
* Meditation, reading, watching films or plays, and other more contemplative activities are also great.

I have heard it said that we should trust in the unseen, the unheard, the timeless.
I agree with this, as we know for sure that there is more out there than we can ever fully know.
Once you feel okay with yourself in the world, it is easier to trust in this stuff, to not fear it, but know that everything will be okay. Also, if we are not too caught up in little worries and can see the bigger picture, then we are partly detached enough to feel part of that bigger picture, and feel safe in it, even if we cannot know all the details.

I am lucky enough to be able to say that I can actually see a lot of what others would call the 'unseen'. hear a lot of what others would call the 'unheard', and feel at least a sense of the 'timelessness'. I guess this makes me clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, but I prefer not to dwell on this - I just do what I do - to the best of my ability to help others. (I do not like to be called psychic, even though I can divine and heal - I prefer not to be associated with a lot of the stuff that tends to be associated with psychics.) All my work is at a very fine level. It feels light and natural - I prefer to call it intuition.

Intuition is something we are all born with, but tend to lose as we grow up into our complex mechanistic world, where things generally need to be tangible and provable. I liken the extra-sensory skills I use, to just being able to tune into slightly more frequencies on the spectrum - as if I can get stations beyond what would normally show on a radio tuner.

Going back to the word 'sensuality' - feeling connected to the wider world and universe around you feels just great! There is such a sense of love, joy, and peace - out there - beyond the muddle and noise of our busy lives, striving to prove ourselves in a system of someone else's making. We all have a connection to that still ground of being that we originate from, even if a lot of us have lost the ability to feel it. If we have forgotten our link to this, and thus our interconnection with everyone and everything, then we can feel very lost. Awakening to it once more is the most wonderfully joyous feeling, like coming home into open arms, where you feel supported, and safe.

Philosophy is far too big a subject to cover here altogether, but I have found my own system - one that works for me. I can experience life in an optimum way, and hopefully help others to do so. Having spent my whole life learning what I wanted to know - I would now love to be able to share all of that with you. And of course, I will continue to journey and learn more as I go, largely through helping others, and always questioning if what I think works does still work, plus finding out new ways of working to solve new queries that are always bound to come up, because each of us are unique, with unique views, seeking unique solutions.

by Julia Woodman

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