by Julia Woodman


A few of these can be chosen to help you
re-programme your thinking and work towards goals.

Affirmations always need to be in the present tense.

You can also make up your own of course!

I release all past fears and resentments.

I open myself as a channel to the light.

I am free to create love in all that I do.

I trust in the power and magic of the universe.

I am open to receive.
Life is a miraculous gift!

I am listening to the whispers.

I am grateful, expectant, and intuitive.

I love. I trust. I have the best intent.

I walk with grace, and lightness of being.

I am a spark of the oneness.

If I need answers, I ask, and the light comes to me.

I am here to learn, grow, and have fun.

I am responsible for creating my own happiness.

I deserve to take good care of myself.
I nurture my body and feed my soul.

I make the time to be still, and listen to the truth.

I am one of many, but the many are also the one.

I take control of my own life.

I am confident, but humble.

I do not swallow anger and hold resentments -
but deal with it constructively.

Talking it out - heals
I express myself clearly and positively.

I forgive others and myself, and let pain go.

I am dignified and compassionate.

I am walking in the light of love, joy, and laughter.

I am whole.

I speak from the heart.

I give from a sense of abundance.

I am realizing my dreams.

I live in a loving universe.

I trust the spirit of life.

I replace fear and guilt with courage and faith.

I love myself for being the best I can be.

I accept the power of the present moment.

I have plenty of time.

I am loving, powerful, and creative.

I dare to be myself - the truth of my own being

is stronger than any experience, thing, or idea.

I am becoming more and more of who I can be.

I am becoming more and more playful and happy.

I do not submit my integrity to anyone or anything.

I am attracting more and more love, joy, humour, and abundance into my life.

I love the world around me.

I delight in my success and the success of others.

I love. I am loved. I am free.

I accept criticism without letting it hurt me or offend me.
I look at it objectively and accept only that part of it which is true.
We are all human - I do not expect myself to be perfect!
I appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow.

I respect and appreciate those around me.
I love being with my friends and family.

I praise the positive and give compliments where due.

I am nurturing, balanced, and decisive.

I am relaxed, loving, and intuitive.

I am learning to love myself without judgement.
I deserve to be happy.
I am learning to relax and appreciate.
I don't need addictions to fill gaps.

I feed my strengths and starve my weaknesses.

I am ready to move forwards.

I am not afraid to change my life!

I can do anything I dream of doing.

My life has a purpose and I am here to fulfil it.

I deserve to give myself credit.

I take joy in my success
and learn from my difficulties.

I make space to appreciate my life
and to be grateful.

I wish all my friends and family
Delight & Magnificence.

by Julia Woodman

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