Julia is available for freelance writing assignments on most topics,
and for workshops in schools and businesses, as well as generally for the public.
She can also give talks on anything related to her work.
(Please see more about her writing further below.)

Radiance-Solutions aims to help people be content, as well as healthy.

Julia Woodman offers a collection of skills which complement and enhance each other.
There is a range of therapies, inspirational material, and practical tools available
to support and empower you, and enhance your unique journey through life.

As a consultant / therapist, Julia works mainly as an email, postal, and telephone advisor
in her capacity as a Life Coach, Stress Consultant, Counsellor, Mediator, and Writer
via PAYPAL or cheque, or her ADVICE PAGE which shows all the options and contact info,
and she writes inspirational & support materials - See our
She still does some local therapy (or tour) visits, but currently has no premises, so will need to come to you.

Julia studied as a HEALER, realising she must have had this ability naturally
because wild animals used to let her touch them when she was growing up in a remote area of South Africa.
Julia served in several committee roles with the NFSH, and Chaired a large group for 2 years.
She has demonstrated a healing session on TV, and worked in hospitals.

She has also worked with her brother and her partner as a DIVINER, primarily for water,
but this skill can also be used for many other things. She also does Geopathic Stress consultations.

Julia started to run workshops to help other healers expand their skills, and now her WORKSHOPS
pass on SELF-EMPOWERING tools and ideas to anyone who wants to know, including businesses.

The three of most interest have been "Stress Busting", "Sacred Perspectives", and "Meditation".
STRESS BUSTING is the most popular one with businesses.
Julia can also do individual
STRESS MANAGEMENT consulatations, and teach MEDITATION.

She decided to study COUNSELLING as many of her clients wanted this service too.
Her studies covered a wide range of methods,
so Julia is able to draw from whatever seems most useful for each particular client.
She is trained to work with FAMILIES & CHILDREN, and can do
MEDIATION sessions.

Julia went on to add LIFE COACHING to her skills, aiming to help people plan ways to achieve their goals.
She often found that people were not sure what their goals might be,
so she set up her own way of helping people identify these, and finds it extremely useful.

Julia can work alongside her partner Chris Larn when it involves
Coping with Change in relation to Economic & Environmental issues
as he has substantial business experience, plus specialist knowledge of such issues (and of History).
This is usually best done in a joint visit, or via email, but let's discuss your needs first.

Chris has a M.Phil, Computer Speech and Language Processing 1985-1986 Univeristy of Cambridge
and was General Manager BT plc 1991-2008 (17 years)
Julia studied Econimics etc early in her life, and worked for a while in Costing and Computers.
She also used to publish a small press environmental magazine, before her poetry & art one.

“When being objective, we can transcend and look back at our constructs with powerful clarity;
instead of looking through them, which can give a murky and distorted view.”

from Julia's Book - "No Paradox - Consciously Evolving Consciousness"

Julia is also doing a Nutritional Therapists Diploma course.

Always the WRITER, Julia has written Personal & Spiritual Development Guides
such as Meditation, Stress Busting, and Confirming your Joy, which are available by email for home use,
and there are some other helpful tools also available on the
GUIDES page.

She also writes regular online ARTICLES which are accessible here.

"I write about Holistic Health, Individual & Family Wellbeing, Social & Community Wellbeing,
Personal & Global Consciousness, Personal & Spiritual Development, Meditation,
Stress Management, Sense & Perception, Creativity & Creative Writing, Fun, Inspiration,
Philosophy, Environment, Sustainability, Evolution, Communication, Empowerment, Self Esteem,
Relationships, Coping with Change, etc.

I regularly share quotes, art, and other stuff on
Goodreads & Twitter & Pinterest & Facebook

I am available for Freelance Writing Assignments, Advice by email or phone,
Stress Management in Businesses, and Poetry Workshops in Schools or Festivals etc."

Julia is writing several BOOKS about living in a more CONSCIOUS and objective way,
using our awareness and intention to move beyond the constructs of apparent reality,
thus becoming able to plan one's own life as you would choose.

Includes links to Amazon and Goodreads profiles

She has previously had many collections of her poetry published,
much of which appeared in magazines around the world, and on radio & TV.

"Talented!", "Rich", "Innovative", "Assured", Universal", "Inspired".

More about Julia as a professional POET including some samples of her work.

Julia was a POET and ARTIST from childhood,
and does WORKSHOPS & READINGS in SCHOOLS and festivals.
She has also worked with Special Needs Children, and with Care Leavers and other
Young People, including as a User Involvement Officer and running a Youth Forum.

She has an NVQ3 for workers in Schools and full CRB clearance.
Julia used to publish a poetry & art mag, and was a creative writing tutor
at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds.

She also founded and organized the Yorkshire Rainbow Festival.

Julia recently moved to DORKING in Surrey
and is running personal development
WORKSHOPS locally, as well as giving talks.
She is also continuing with her workshops in schools and businesses, and all of her therapeutic work.

She has added
THAI FOOT MASSAGE to her skills.
this includes hands, lower arms, and legs, and is amazingly effective.....
right up there on a par with spiritual healing, but more obviously physical.

Julia is also doing a Nutritional Therapists Diploma course.

Heart Spirit

Julia's skills combine to make her an effective Spiritual Counsellor to support & empower you
in finding your own way to connect with the deep root of stillness & strength within yourselves,
which enhances your ability to create fulfillment, balance, and wellbeing in your lives.

“Without the transcendental and the transpersonal, we get sick, violent, nihilistic,
or else hopeless and apathetic” - Abraham Maslow
Spiritual therapy relieves the sense of alienation and estrangement from the universe and everything around us.
It creates a sense of connection and alignment with the sacred, fostering a transpersonal and trans-egoic sense of identity.
It also helps repair and harmonize relationships, and stabilize social structures or networks,
and it brings deeply meaningful experiences of the creative and of life into society.
Dis-ease can be greatly reduced via healing of the subjective emotional states, mental and physical situations,
and permanent changes in health of the mind/body/spirit brought into effect.

Julia specializes in consulting by phone, email, or post via PAYPAL or cheque, or her ADVICE PAGE
and in writing inspirational & support materials - See our TOOLKIT & CREATIVITY Pages

NEWSFLASH - I am now able to offer my services in exchange for DORKS
which is the name for the units of our local exchange trading system
as well as retaining the ability to accept normal payment methods.


main 07955-210-252
home 01306-500-425
admin 07707-200-494

but I tend to work mostly from mid-morning
to late evening, most days of the week

I often offer advice by phone & email
including at weekends &
in the middle of the night, or on public
holidays - details below

If you wish to phone or email for advice, then please check my ADVICE PAGE
which shows all the options and contact details
You can pay via PAYPAL or cheque




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Life Coaching, Counselling, Mediation, Stress Consultations, Healing, Thai foot massage,
Meditation, Personal % Spiritual Development Guides, Workshops,
Poetry in Schools, Writing (articles, books etc), Art.

An holistic approach to life = Don't just DO it, LIVE it.

Interview with Julia by Mind, Body, Soul book club
also with links to some book reviews and articles