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Some newspapers are very blatant about how they manipulate your mind, others are more subtle, depending on their readership I suppose, but they all do it.
They are in the business of telling you just as much rubbish or as little truth as the people who own them want you to know or believe.

First there are things you must be afraid of so that you are subdued enough to go on drinking etc instead of thinking to stand up and say “wait a minute, there’s something wrong here”.
You must be made very afraid so that you accept the rules and authority of those perceived to be in power, allowing them to run their ridiculous political and economical scams,
feed you poisons via your food, water, drugs, and vaccines, and curtail your freedoms.

Next there is the sex, and the celebrity gossip, and the sport, and the fashion (with its air-brushed models), to make absolutely sure you are distracted from the real news,
which of course they don’t tell you, for example how Iceland broke free..(The same thing happens if you research youtube presentations ‘they’ don’t want you to see –
after a bit, sex videos start popping up to try and draw you off track.)

What they do tell you is how they want you to think.  For example, they will feed you lies about certain countries, religions, terrorists – to prepare you –
so that you will accept their next war plans as maybe distasteful but necessary, when really you should know better and make the effort to actively object.
Their motives are oil, making money, maintaining or opening up business objectives (even illegal ones), and laying waste to places and populations so that they cannot recover to oppose them.
They will even go so far as to concoct false flag operations to swing your views against the supposed perpetrators if needed, and of course use the media to chuck all that at you
with all its gloriously fabricated imagery.

Then further into the newspaper there are the jokes that poke fun, to make you think that someone else is already having a say – so you don’r really need to bother.

And there are a few obvious hoax things once in a while to make you feel good about spotting them, and thus forget to notice that the whole bloody thing is a set-up.

Almost everyone has heard the term "divide and conquer". I wonder how many ask themselves how this might apply to what we are served up in the media.
We could say that any attempt to divide us into one group versus another, to fracture the natural state of open trust that most people have one for another, en masse,
is clearly doing the work necessary to first divide us, then further manipulate our resulting distrust to mount near permanent social fractures such as we see carefully cultivated
in Northern Ireland or parts of Midland and Northern England. Whenever we see one group singled out for a propaganda bashing, whether it be the Muslim fundamentalists
or the Christian religious right, or the socialists or the capitalists, gay or straight, men versus women, it makes no difference, it should all be recognised
as an attempt to launch a divisive idea into the population, and shunned as being obvious in it's very nature and intention.
We want pure water to drink, pure air to breathe, and we want pure information to think on, not the bloated lies of boom and bust economics or the tissue of lies that take us to war.
We don't drink from sewers lest we poison our bodies, so we should refuse to drink the fouled stream of propaganda lest we poison our minds.

I believe that Human Beings are self organising anarchists by nature. We are not born knowing or acknowledging any other authority than our parents.
A family could be said to be a mini hierarchy but, to my self-organising eyes, it looks like the lead in the family depends on the situation they are in.
I have seen a father defer to the greater technical knowledge of his son when a car broke down on a family outing. People are like this en masse also, not just in families.
Need a building? Ask a builder - put him in charge – it’s not complex. What I don't understand is why we have all these other things we pay attention to -
as they are not simply observable as being what anyone actually wants. When you were born, were you born wanting a King or a Queen to rule over you?
What about Popes, Arch-Bishops, Marquis', Earls, Dukes, and Marmadukes? These are things our parents often tell us can't be changed,
but my view is that we can do something about them should we so choose.  We didn’t always have them, they arrived at some point, but not as a natural consequence of Anarchic,
Self-Organising, and Dynamic Human Nature, so they could equally well leave again. Clearly, the actual people can't go, but these titles and rights over the rest of us can,
and should, if we ever want to truly exercise our divine right as sovereign people. And if we want to protect our rights, we also need to rectify the imbalance of power
that allows our banks and corporations to manipulate us.

Given that the dramas of division and titillation served up by the corporate media are so very tawdry and shallowly unsatisfying, I am not surprised to find more and more people
every day awaking from the dream and seeing the world through a different lens by turning off the mainstream discredited media - you could call it impropaganda.

It is no wonder we dream of improbable creatures chasing us around game like landscapes and wake with a sense of unease. It’s no wonder we get tired and sick.
If it isn’t a direct result of the crap we take in, it will be because there is a huge internal conflict between our deep selves that know we are being duped
(turned away from our spirit and away from our nature, towards a dead end), and our surface selves or personas that are constantly trying to find ways of coping or surviving
amidst the chaos (ducking and weaving, or simply burying ourselves in some form of induced oblivion, which tends to take a toll in itself).
Thus we are divided and distracted even within ourselves – how can we maintain harmony with the planet, nature, and creation when we are forced to support leaders
whose actions we would rather not endorse?  We might have thought we elected these leaders, but they are actually put there by those with their own agendas,
the money to run the campaigns, and the influence to pull the strings   To watch these leaders you would think they are all trained magicians, constantly waving one thing in your face
while hiding another behind their backs.  They will shout and yell and laugh their false laughs and smile their false smiles to try to catch your attention,
to try to ensure that you don’t cotton on to the real stories behind the scenes.

Surely it is our job to wake up and bear witness to what is really going on, then do something about it before their sinister plans come to full fruition.
It isn’t just about greed and power – making the poor ever poorer, and thus powerless to act, never mind keep debt free and healthy. 
It is actually about population control – they want the whole world for themselves.  They have no compassion for the natural world at all, or for any of us –
not even as much as a farmer might have for his flock of sheep. All they want to do is pull the wool over our eyes and get on with their plans while we all sleep.

But throughout history, people have woken up and foiled their plans – never quite thwarting them completely, but creating huge setbacks at least.
They have had to go underground for brief periods but have always popped up again and again, secretly interlinked around the world with their ideas of what they hope to perpetrate upon us.
There are many ways that they are getting at us - so we need to stop listening to the lies they feed us, watching the stuff they use to try to put us to sleep,
and start paying attention to the real news - so that we can decide what to do - to take back the power that we have a right to..

It is time to Revolt & Evolve = R(Evolution), but we can do it in a spiritually sound instead of a vengeful way.
It is time to bring this situation, that has dogged us and hogged us (thank you Orwell) for so long, to a Re-Solution, by at the very least not going along with it.

Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not
Icelanders have quietly carried out a revolution by toppling a weak government,
drafting a new constitution, and seeking to jail those responsible for the country's economic debacle.

Art & Poem by Julia


"Rise like lions after slumber,
in unvanquishable number;
Shake to earth your chains like dew,
which in sleep had fallen on you.
Ye are many - they are few."

Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Language of Secret Selves

My secret self is not so secret any more
As it talks to all the secret selves of time
And scribbles pictures that describe
The goings on inside our minds
As we connect through our deep core
Uniting now with all that went before.

There is no language quite as wide
As one which reaches right inside
Using patterns, swirls, and symbols
Instead of boxes, lists, and labels,
Using love and peace and hope
Instead of moguls and kings and popes.

It reaches beyond all false divides
To the part of you that truly decides
Whether to follow your self or go and hide,
Whether to smile or frown, stand up or lie down.
Come on out, you are one of the crowd –
Joining in is encouraged, not just allowed.

Lay down your ‘sins’, your past, your creeds –
None of them really exist, you are freed.
It’s easy, it’s wise, you don’t have to bleed –
Just leave doubt aside, and come and see –
All of us can, and will, realign
With the soul of our world, if we unite.

Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not
Icelanders have quietly carried out a revolution
by toppling a weak government,
drafting a new constitution
and seeking to jail those responsible for
the country's economic debacle.
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